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The Featured Series for inclusion are: | Forbidden History | Reign of Terror | Stuck on Stupid | Totalitarian Collectivism | and | Solitary Purdah | A weekly presentation will come from these series. Our older theme articles remain on the Nest Gems archives and on Déjà vu. | Inherent Autonomy | Radical Reactionary | Corporatocracy | Negotium | Global Gulag | Strappado Wrack | View from the Mount | Dueling Twins | essays have scores of noteworthy SARTRE commentary.  Continue your support for BREAKING ALL THE RULES. Your feedback is appreciated. SARTRE

Time Travel Back to Shot Heard 'Round the World - Reign of Terror

State Sponsored Assassination Culture - Totalitarian Collectivism

DARPA Funds Technological Start-ups - Forbidden History

Clinton Crime Mafia Back in Full Force - Stuck on Stupid

Labor in America Does Not Pay - Strappado Wrack

No Change in Foreign Policy from 2016 Standard-bearers - Reign of Terror

Obama Lame Duck in a NeoCon Congress - Totalitarian Collectivism

Red China is a Creation of Globalists - Forbidden History

Clinton Foundation Bribes for Weapon Deals - Stuck on Stupid

Middle East a Cauldron of Horror - Reign of Terror

CIA = Murder Inc. - Totalitarian Collectivism

Papal States become Vatican City - Forbidden History

Planned Soros Sponsored Disruptions of Elections - Stuck on Stupid

ISIS - Intelligence Agencies Creation and Asset - Reign of Terror

Condemn Islamic Terror and Shield Zionist Atrocities - Totalitarian Collectivism

From OSS to CIA Ongoing Clash with Military Intelligence - Forbidden History

Primaries and Caucuses Take a Backseat to Party Insiders - Stuck on Stupid

An Introduction to Technofeudalism Ascending - Reign of Terror

Gun Control through Banning Bullets - Totalitarian Collectivism

British Secret Intelligence Service Spymasters - Forbidden History

Globalist Lockdown is here to Stay - Stuck on Stupid

Mainstream Media Goes Berserk - Reign of Terror

Wealth Destruction for the 99.9 Percent - Totalitarian Collectivism

Glass-Steagall Essential Banking Regulation - Forbidden History

Revolutionary Statists Means Lower Living Standards - Stuck on Stupid

Greater Israel Setback from Iranian Agreement - Reign of Terror

The Senate's Patriot Act Betrayal - Totalitarian Collectivism